Did you know we have our own in-house brand?

Refresha GO Water

Our aim when we created the Refresha Go Brand and this aim continues is to deliver water that is consistent, safe with a pure and clean taste at all given times. 

We strive to be the perfect accessory for the health-conscious individual who actively pursue quality of life at an affordable price.

As you are now aware, we consider plastic pollution as a serious global issue and hence in our quest to support more sustainable and environmentally safe usage of plastic we only use BPA FREE, elegant plastic bottles to make drinking water from plastic bottles safe for you and your family.

Refresha Go Bottled Water is available in the below options:

Refresha GO Water 330ml

Refresha Go Water 330 ml

Refresha GO Water 500ml

Refresha Go Water 500 ml

Refresha GO Water 1Ltr

Refresha GO Water 1 Ltr

Refresha GO Water 5lltrs

Refresha GO Water 5 Ltr

330 ml

  • Available in a case of 24 bottles
  • Minimum order 24 bottles (1 case)
  • Cap colour available in Blue 

500 ml

  • Available in a case of 24 bottles
  • Minimum order 24 bottles (1 case)
  • Cap colour available in Blue 

1 ltR

  • Available in a case of 12 bottles
  • Minimum order 12 bottles (1 case)
  • Cap colour available in  Blue 


  • Available in a case of 4 bottles
  • Minimum order 4 bottles (1 case)
  • Cap colour available in  Blue  / White

Have you met our two mascots?

We wanted to make drinking water fun and not a task for our little ones and so in 2018 we decided to run a competition to create two super hero characters for our 330ml Refresha GO bottled water.

A competition was hosted by Refresha Go asking children to  name our two new team members. We were inundated with entries of names and after a thoughtful process SPIKE and SPARKLE were born.

Spike Refresha GO Still water

Spike for our little boys

Sparkle for our little girls

Sparkle Refresha GO Still Water

Since 2018 Spike and Sparkle have been our true mascots

and attended many events with us

Refresha Go Water

Sunday Tribune Eastern Bridal Fair

Kiddies Draw and Tell us why you love Water Competition

Business Networking Expo

Our first in-store promotion at Food Lovers Springfield Park

Our first outdoor photoshoot at Ushaka Marine World

Touring Durban - Visited the Lion Match Company to Hear the Lion Roar

Touring Durban - Viewing of the Street Decorations (Christmas Light)

Part of the "Welcoming the Whales Festival 2022"

Do your want to customise bottled water

with your own unique branding?