tanding and drinking water
According to Ayurveda, drinking water while standing has no benefits. It is believed that drinking in standing position disallows the body to absorb any sort of benefit from the water, as it flows down with pressure through the esophagus to the lower stomach and damages the nearby areas.

It is not just about drinking 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy and hydrated. It matters in what position you have the water. Do you sit and drink water, or normally have it, while standing?

Most of the times, when we need to drink water, it is generally a rush, hence YOU may be often standing. Well, wake up to reality. When you have water standing up, you do not get the required nutrition. Shocked?

There is actually a right way to have water to detoxify the body and gain all the nutrients and minerals. It is important to remember that our body, though made up of 70% water, loses so much of it everyday, it is crucial to fill up on the quantity and hence, it matters that you consume it the RIGHT WAY. And no, it cannot be achieved when you stand up and drink! Wondering why? 

Let us explain:

  1.  When you drink water standing up, the water, which goes in, passes through the system with a straight gush, not reaching the organs where it is supposed to do the job.
  2. Besides, drinking water this way does not quench your thirst. Since the water goes directly through, the nutrients and vitamins do not reach the liver and digestive tract. Hence, the impurities that are supposed to go out are deposited in the kidneys and the bladder. You also risk your lungs and heart functions. The oxygen levels also get disturbed this way.
  3. You can also put bones and joints at risk as the water gushes down the body. It can result in  joint pain, bone degeneration and weakness. Thus, the speed of chugging water down and how you drink it has an important role to play.
  4. Hence, there is a very valid reason to sit down and drink your water, the same way it is recommended that you sit down and have your meal. Our bodies are designed in a way that you get maximum health benefits when you sit down and keep your back erect. When you drink your water from a bottle or a glass sitting down, the nutrients reach the brain and boost its activity. It also aids better digestion this way and ensures that you don’t feel bloated after having water. Drinking water this way passes through the regular designed track and ensures all the benefits are achieved in the organs. Toxins go away, impurities are flushed out and your health improves overall!

So be risk-free, be smart, do not stand and drink water.