Refresha GO dispensers

Are you looking to keep your staff  hydrated whilst at work but also concerned about the environment.

Why not allow us to install a Water Dispenser at your work place. Staff can stay hydrated by refilling their Re-usable Water Bottle with Purified Bottled Water.

We currently offer 12 or 24  month contracts

water dispenser, also known as a water cooler, is a machine that cools or heats up and dispenses water. We supply two types of dispensers – Counter Top, Free Standing.

Counter top Water Dispenser
Free Standing water dispenser

To sign up please email us the following information:


Delivery of your Dispenser comes with 2 x 18.9 L – FREE Purified Water (First Delivery Only). We currently offer 12 or 24  month contracts.

  • Choose your dispenser
  • Advise your area of operation so that we can get a refill to you once a week
  • Specify your contact details
  • Confirm Contract Terms (12 or 24 Months)
  • Complete the payment instruction with the terms as set out and then wait for our confirmation and delivery arrangements.
  • Should there be a need to get more water contact our team on or WhatsApp us on 061 448 4477 to be advised regarding the top-up packages