Community work

Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Hellen Keller


"Every one should have access to clean drinking water".


In quest to support this basic human right RTE has embarked on a journey of promoting many local initiatives by participating in educating the community about the importance of clean water.

What better way to relay this message than getting children involved through Art and Poetry Competitions.

"Another global issue that is very crucial to RTE is plastic pollution"

While we recognise and are conscious of our contribution in plastic pollution, as a supplier of bottled water and juices we also understand that the use of plastic as a holding container will be around for a long time until a more cost-effective solution is available in the market.

So in our constant effort to make use of plastic bottles more sustainable and environmental friendly we have initiated many plastic re-use and re-cycling competitions to inspire and educate. Our focus and main goal in these campaigns is to ensure that our community especially the youth start to incorporate these two concepts i.e. Re-use and Re-cycle into their daily lives. Thus contributing to a safe and healthy environment for the future generations



Now, it is your turn as a responsible citizen to embark on an exciting journey of supporting environmentally positive campaigns driven by RTE.

Smiling face of a young girl