About Us

This is our story

Refresha Trading Enterprises (RTE) is an independent Black female owned custom bottled water company offering a range of products and services.

Established in 2017, RTE was formed after a clear opportunity was identified to provide quality refreshments to a large consumer base, with water prepared using state of the art equipment.

The company is a supplier of Custom Branded Bottles, Nectar Juices, Refresha Go Still Water and Refreshment Hampers

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

20 %
of illnesses in the developing world is water related!!!
0 - 2 Litres
is the recommended consumption of water daily
20 - 65%
of the average human body is made up of water

All products are manufactured according to the strictest standards to maintain the highest quality.

RTE is committed toward the scrupulous protection of South Africa’s water and environment, while providing superior products and services.

RTE prides itself on delivering quality products and listening to customer needs, holding Halaal status and being South African National Standards (SANS) approved.

At RTE quality and turnaround time are of paramount importance to meeting the needs of clients.

The company offers a turnkey strategy as a supplier of water products for large-scale conferences, events and business branding.